Health and Safety



Health & Safety and Window Cleaning


Traditionally, windows were always cleaned by gaining access with a ladder. These days however, a modern approach is to clean windows using a 'Water-fed Pole System'. This means the use of pure water being fed through telescopic poles with a brush on the end. See our here for more information.

These telescopic pole can vary in length from 4 to 78 feet in length meaning they can be used to clean windows that are far beyond the reach of traditional ladders.

Safety in the workplace is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive ( Since 2005, the Working at Height Regulations (amended in 2007) have required that all persons engaging in working practices have a duty to ensure that no work is done at height if there is a safe and reasonably practicable alternative. This does not mean that ladders are banned but, In our opinion, this means that with the availability of the pole system, this is a safer method than climbing ladders to reach windows; please see here for other advantages.

I am also sure that clients would not wish us to risk our lives just to make sure that their window are clean.


In line with 'best practice', we also pay attention to the following:

Risk Assesments

To avoid and reduce accidents, a risk assessment is necessary to identify significant hazards at our place of work - namely, your property; we can then address ways and means to reducing their impact in order to provide a safe working environment. This is acheived by a systematic risk assessment in order to:

1. Identify hazards;

2. Decide who is at risk from harm;

3. Evaluate the risk and any existing precautions;

4. Record the data and inform relevant persons;

5. Consider and evaluate the information collated and utilise this to reduce and/or eliminate risk.

Method Statements

Generally used for business clients, Method Statements are provided as a means to set out how a particular job will be considered, approached and completed. It will set out, in full, all aspects of an instruction in order that a client can consider how their business and responsibilities may be affected.

Public Liability Insurance

In order to provide a measure of protection for our clients, we carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £1M. You can therefore instuct us with the peace of mind you are adequately protected.




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