21.04.2014 Replacement for window cleaners?::

At first glance it seems like I may need to retrain in another area. But, then again, the review is pretty poor so I think I am safe for the time being:


03.04.2014 New Job Title:

Apparently I am no longer a Window Cleaner but a 'Transparent Wall Maintenance Engineer'!! Please use this term when addressing me in furture :-)


28.03.2014 The Perils of the Job:

A bit silly to leave the keys in but we've all done that haven't we? If it's not nailed down some lowlife will try to take your possession without a thought for how that might affect the livelihood of the owner:


27.03.2014 High Risk Cleaning - Scary but necessary

A team of cleaners get a thrill while going about their jobs:


24.03.2014 Firefighter recently called to help a stranded Window Cleaner in Toronto


Around the world some window cleaners are still risking their life by abseiling down the sides of a building - and the risks don't just come from the height:.2584309


01.12.2012 Freezing Conditions and early sunsets

The recent cold spell has resulted in us having to defrost the water tank, pump and hoses before we even set out in the mornings; also, the nights drawing in earlier has affected the amount of time we can clean windows. If we are a little late in getting to you please bear with us.

We can work in snowy and icy conditions but if the temperature gets below -4 this can result in the water in the hose freezing - obviously this stops us working until the temperature increases. We carry grit salt in the van and in freezing temperatures for your safety we will grit all areas that are left wet after cleaning.

Thanks for your understanding at this time of year.


23.11.2012 Hard to Reach windows

We can clean windows up to a height of 40ft safely from the ground. Have a look at the following video; unfortunately, we do not offer window cleaning to this height!



18.11.2012 Here is a Lesson in how to work smarter, not harder (and also a good old laugh too!):


16.11.2012 Safety is Paramount.

Our safety is paramount and here we show an example of why we use the Pole system of window cleaning:




18.03.2012 New Listing on

We are now live with a listing on the online database. We have already received several enquiries so the entry appears to be paying for itself. Why not take a look at the site to see if you can find us? Any advice you can give to improve our listing will be welcomed.

26.01.2012 Launch of new Website.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. With this, we are hoping that an online presence will help clients and provide a point of contact where we can explain our processes and procedures and hopefully answer any questions they may have.

We are also in the process of registering with business directories such as Yellow Pages and, Thompson Local, Freeindex and Upmystreet. We hope that this increased online activity will drive business forward and improve our market share.




If you require a quotation for any of our Window Cleaning services in Lancaster, Morecambe or the surrounding areas, then please telephone on the numbers provided above. Alternatively, you can email us.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and want you to be happy with what we do; therefore, all our work comes with a guarantee. If you become aware of any problem then please just give us a call within 48 hours and we will be more than happy to rectify the matter - no fuss and no quibble!