Our Satisfaction Guarantee



Satisfaction Guaranteed

As you are paying for a service, it is important that you are completely happy with the end result. However, as we are human it is possible that mistakes can be made - sometimes it is entirely our fault even though we endeavour to be perfect. If this does occur, then please call immediately as we want to put the situation right and make sure it doesn't happen again.


It is often mistakenly thought that rain will make your windows dirty; thankfully this is not true as with the British weather all windows would be in a constantly dirty state. No, it is generally high winds which blow dust and dirt onto windows and therefore makes them dirty. So, to put our client's minds at rest we offer our 'Rain Guarantee' which means that if it rains within 48 hours of us cleaning your windows, and as a result they end up dirty again, then give us a call and we will revisit and clean again for FREE. It's that simple - Satisfaction Guaranteed!



If you require a quotation for any of our Window Cleaning services in Lancaster, Morecambe or the surrounding areas, then please telephone on the numbers provided above. Alternatively, you can email us.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and want you to be happy with what we do; therefore, all our work comes with a guarantee. If you become aware of any problem then please just give us a call within 48 hours and we will be more than happy to rectify the matter - no fuss and no quibble!